Our rowing boats

Liteboat USA represents the official dealers of Liteboat range of rowing boats in the country. We distribute Liteboat recreational rowing boats designed and made in France. These boats are made for all, beginners to experts, for all kind of water bodies, from river to ocean.

Three keywords for Liteboats : Light, Stable & Easy

Discover our complete range and find the rowing boat of your dreams!

Liteboat US partners

Liteboat has been operating in the United States for many years and has already sold hundreds of rowing boats in the country. We have boats for every rower’s needs, from the recreational rower who wants to row on his nearby lake in Wisconsin to the competitor who goes coastal rowing every day on the shores of Florida. Our country is diverse, and the Liteboat range of boats can meet most of your desires! The Liteboat US team brings together partners who are able to send a boat anywhere in the USA. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests, we will be happy to help you find the boat of your dreams!

Our vision

At Liteboat, we are convinced that rowing brings many benefits to your physical and mental health. For many of us our busy days lack physical activity, but we still need a way to release stress and free our minds. Recreational rowing is a moderate non-impact activity. When rowing, you use all the muscles in your legs, back and arms, in a fluid motion so you glide across the water. This helps you recharge your batteries and relax your body without physical strain. You will also become more flexible. When you row, you do not have any longer your feet on the ground and you get away from it all. The pleasure of gliding is universal for all and at all ages. With our recreational rowing boats, you feel safe and you can relax, without any tension. This pleasure is unique and accessible to everyone.

Find some water, place your boat, install the oars, and take your first stroke… The glide. The silence. The feeling of being one with nature, is a feeling we too often forget. Beyond the technology, the advanced equipment, the performance, our boats are designed to offer you these precious moments. Moments that we love as much as you will. Welcome at Liteboat, let yourself be free…