X Row

Starting at $8,295 FOB Sarasota Florida

A rowing boat for leisure and adventure! The X Row is the latest boat designed and built by Liteboat in France. It is a very stable sports boat. The ideal boat for a late start to rowing, or for an adventure. Above all, it’s a boat that will allow the rower to invite a passenger: his grandchildren or his dog. Thanks to the design of its hull and its composite construction, this boat glides exceptionally well. Like all Liteboats, the X Row is made from a vacuum-infused glass/carbon composite sandwich. This technical process produces a boat that is both light and rigid.

  • Foldable riggers
  • Oarlocks & axles (pair)
  • Wooden seat
  • Flex-feet footstretchers
  • Two large hatches
  • Composite bench
  • Little parts are delivered in a bag
Length | Longueur5m / 16.4ft
Beam | Largeur1,07m / 3.5ft
Weight | Poids*55kg / 121.2lbs
Max. load | Charge max220kg / 485lbs

(*) Weights of boats have been given as an indication. This is an estimate only and can not be considered as a legal